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Mumbai being the most fast – paced and populous city in India; faces the hurdle of providing basic sanitation facilities to its residents. The state of   most of the present public toilets is far below the basic hygiene standards. Also a large number of toilets don’t have proper electricity and sewerage lines. With the population on the rise constantly, the city has a lot of deficit of public toilets.


The case even worsens for the women and handicap in the city. Over 90 percent of the working women in Mumbai are from unorganized sector who suffer the most due to lack of toilets. Also women have had to pay for using the urinal whereas it has been free for men.

Our firm played the role of providing a detailed report along with the design keeping in mind the needs of women, children and handicap especially for the MCGM. TUP played the role of providing a detailed report to the MCGM. The points mentioned in the report are already proposed to the MCGM to add to the DCR. The studio engaged in looking at various social aspects and norms of the functioning of a public toilet in different contexts such as railway stations, slums public places, etc . in Mumbai .Thus this report took the role of a social manual which further informed the design.


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