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Dushyant Asher

Dushyant Asher is the co-Founder and principal architect at The Urban Project. As an architect and urbanist, he is interested in developing spatial tools that structure complex urban strategies. He has extensive professional experience in architecture and urbanism in India and Germany. Prior to founding The Urban Project, he has worked with Ar. B.V.Doshi on a range of projects including mass housing, public and private buildings and urban planning. Following which he went on to do his masters in Advanced Architecture Design at SAC, Germany. He is also an active academic contributor in many architecture and design schools of Mumbai.

Vijayshree Pednekar

Vijayshree is a qualified Architect and Urban - Transport Planner trained at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She has extensive professional experience in architecture and urbanism in India and Africa, especially transportation planning, and has taught at some of the country’s leading academic institutions. Prior to co-founding The Urban Project, she has a range of experience in practice working on urban regeneration projects, public and private buildings at a national and international level. She has appeared on national television as a panelist along with government officials to share views on the transport strategies and road safety for the country. She also has a keen interest in the economics of the building and planning industry and specializes in property valuation. She has also been an active academic contributor at institutions like School of Architecture and Planning, Bhopal and other institutions in Mumbai

Manohar Ashtavadhani

Senior Engineer

Tejas Patankar


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