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Navigation and Wayfinding Maps



Central Railways, Mumbai 


Design Team

Dushyant Asher, Vijayshree Pednekar

Railways are the most important way of inter –city and intra – state commute for the metropolitan city of Mumbai. Due to its excessive reach across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and its intensive use by the local urban population, the Mumbai Suburban Railway suffers from some of the most severe overcrowding in the world.


Dadar railway station’s location on two railway lines – Central and Western; makes it an interchange point for the passengers. Thus there is a layer of floating population along with the locals in the area. The scope of the map is to provide the information within one kilometer radius of the Dadar station. The map thus becomes the first interface between the individual visiting the locality and the area itself especially for the outstation crowd in the area. The design for the wayfinding map attempts to provide for a better understanding of the locality around the Dadar Station and the various facilities around it. The design attempted to address the relevance and interface of physical maps in the current digital age wherein it could also be easily accessed on a mobile device. A physical map provides a glimpse of the entire locality at a comprehensive scale.

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