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Designing Route Maps for the Public Transport by Bus, Mumbai 



BEST - Bhrihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport


Design Team

Dushyant Asher, Vijayshree Pednekar



MESN - Mumbai Environmental Social Network


In cities, especially densely packed like Mumbai, mass public transport system acts as the backbone of commute for the majority of its population. One such public transport system in Mumbai is BEST buses. BEST buses under the Brihunmumbai Municipal Corporation runs around 3600 buses ferrying 4.8 million passengers over 365 routes.


The design for the BEST route maps allows for better readability of the complex public transport system by graphically representing   the major routes, bus stops, types of buses for a particular route, types of routes, etc. Also the initiative was to encourage the public to use the existing transport infrastructure as adding private vehicles in the city consistently adds to the traffic congestion and road safety problems of the city.

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