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Art Exhibition at Coomerswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai



Private Art Collectors - The Sachvani Family



Dushyant Asher


Dushyant Asher and Vijayshree Pednekar


Deval Shah, Dhruv Raja, Kunal Gupta, Meet Gala, Purva Jain, Sudaksh Jain, Tarjani Samani, Vatsal Kapadia

Designing a space, designing an experience is about framing that thought, that idea into tangible and material things. Exhibition space is the one which is curated to promote a thought on the idea behind the whole scheme. Curating and designing a temporal exhibit in a gallery space means more of creating an experience. Aavahan was about integrating the philosophy behind the initiative yet offering something worth remembering.


Generally exhibitions, especially clothing are about fixed stalls for their display and thus a particular way of displaying and the act of selling is carried out. The design attempted to make an impact on how you move around the space and allow the individual to generate his own experience. At every point his vision is directed in a way which generates curiosity.

 We as architects develop spaces which would have a particular program, a particular function; also keeping in mind the interaction of the individual with that space. Many times we generate space with planes that would contain it and the interaction would take place in that particular space. Here the use of threads in various combinations generates a visual geometry. The use of threads along with wood frames generates different visual planes which are experienced as the individual moves around. There is both visual and physical interface.

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